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Have An Existing Pond & Need It Cleaned?
Get your pond ready for spring

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Plants start blooming, the weather starts warming up, and your landscape begins to come to life. But what most people don't know is, that this is also a very important time for your pond. This is the best time to have your pond cleaned. We recommend that you receive at least one full   

cleaning a year to help maintain its low maintenance. It is important to preform a annual clean out, failure to do so can cause increased maintenance or fish health issues.

Each year Amen Corner Ponds' customers receive the highest quality clean-out. How do you get on our list, you may ask? Let me tell you. 

Step #1 - Get on the list

First thing you need to do is to contact us about your pond cleaning. There are a couple of ways for you to do that. You can call us at (803) 226-1002, email us at, or fill out our online form right here (Consult Form). Do not delay contacting us as many people book us for their pond clean outs. 

Step #2 - Get a quote

Next thing to do is get a quote. Each of our customers receive their own personalized quote. If we have cleaned your pond before we can give you a quote right over the phone. If you are a new customer then we will have to come out to get to know your pond. Once you have a quote, you are ready for the next step. 

Step #3 - Send in your deposit

Alright, so the next step is to send in your deposit. When you receive your quote we will also let you know what your deposit will be. After we receive your deposit, you will be added to the schedule.  

Step #4 - Simply wait for our call

This is the easiest step yet. As your name nears on the list, we will give you a call a week ahead of time to let you know what day we will arrive.  

Step #5 - Prepare

As clean-out day approaches be sure that your garden hose is out (and water turned on), the waterfall pumps are available, and the water features electrical outlet is turned on.   

Step #6 - Get it cleaned

We will now get up close and personal with your pond. We will begin by draining down the water in the pond (temporally housing your fish, if you have any).  Next we will quickly pressure wash your water feature and then give it a good rinse. (We will not remove all of the biofilm in your pond. Doing so would damage the ecosystem living in your pond, causing you to start all over). After washing down your pond we will then trim back excessive aquatic plant growth, remove debris, check under water lighting fixtures, readjust rock & gravel, and check for any potential problems. Once the pond is finished we will also check and clean your skimmer filter and biofalls filter. After we have completed all of these things we will begin refilling your water and re-introducing your fish (if you have any).
NOTES:    If your pond includes fish we will refill your pond enough to re-introduce them. IF YOU HAVE A LARGE POND YOU MAY BE RESPONSIBLE TO FINISH REFILLING. (We estimate all of our labor costs to keep your clean-out price down).

We offer a full or partial clean-out. Check below to see what each entails. 

Step #7 - Relax & enjoy

Now that your pond is clean, it is ready for you to enjoy your pond lifestyle. 

Partial Cleaning

Full Cleaning

  • Drain and thoroughly rinse pond, removing any debris
  • Power wash rocks and gravel
  • Clean biological and mechanical filter and filter pads
  • Check under water lights for proper functionality
  • Clean and check pump for top performance
  • Check for potential problems  
  • Trim excess aquatic plants
  • Readjust rock and gravel
  • Detoxify pond water, making it safe for fish and plants
  • Acclimate pond fish back into their environment 
  • Begin to refill pond 
  • Clean biological filter, removing debris from the inside
  • Rinse and clean mechanical and biological filter pads
  • Skim and remove debris from pond
  • Top off water
  • Detoxify pond water, making it safe for fish and plants

Amen Corner Ponds is a

Certified Aquascape Contractor 

Serving the CSRA & Surrounding Areas