Every water feature needs maintenance at one point or another. Whether you have murky water, leaking feature, string algae or insufficient filters our maintenance division was designed with you in mind. We have experienced technicians and we have seen just about everything. We offer monthly maintenance, cleanings, repairs and leak detection. So if you have water feature problems don't spend hours trying to figure them out. Contact the professionals.




  • Drain and thoroughly rinse pond

  • Remove any leaves and debris 

  • Trim & adjust pond plants

  • Clean mechanical & biological filters

  • Check lights & other systems 

  • Clean pump

  • Detoxify water and acclimate fish back into the environment

  • Inspect pump for optimized operation 

  • Trouble shoot for potential problems

  • Inform home owner of products to improve water quality

  • We offer maintenance visits once, weekly, monthly or yearly.

  • Visits include:

  • Filter cleaning

  • Plant thinning

  • Water treatment application 

  • Pump inspection 

  • Fish health inspection 

  • Systems check

  • Benefits include:

  • Worry free maintenance

  • First to receive special offers

  • Clean water feature everyday

  • Enjoy more relaxing

  • Repairs Include:

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Low edge

  • Underperforming filter systems

  • Over complicated filter systems

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Hole in the liner

  • Rebuilds

  • Broken parts

  • Incorrectly installed water features

  • Beautification repairs

  • Outdated systems

  • And much, much more.....  

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