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Personalize Your Pond

Make It Yours

Every water feature is different. We will never be able to make the same design twice. But that's the cool thing. We offer many ways to make your water feature one of a kind. Check out below some of the awesome additions you can add to make it a perfect fit to your lifestyle. 

Have An Existing Water Feature That Needs An Addition 

Each addition shown below can be added to an existing water feature. 

Add Lights

Lights are one of the best additions that can be made to a water feature. As one customer put it "why wouldn't you add lights? It extends your viewing time tremendously. If your going to make the investment and get a water feature, then add some lights". We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Besides most of us don't get home from work until 5:30 anyway. By the time you get home, eat dinner, and are ready to sit by your water feature and relax it is beginning to get dark. So don't hold off on the lights; they are worth it.

Add a Spillway Bowl

Spillway bowls are new to the water feature world. Even so they are already one of the most popular decorative additions you can get. They can be used as the beginning of a waterfall, as a cool addition to a pond, or as a standalone feature. The spillway bowl will age like natural stone and look great in any setting.

Add a Stream or Waterfall

There is something surreal about a babbling brook or beautiful waterfall. Adding a waterfall or stream is definitely one of the more exciting additions you can make to a pond. Whether you decide to add a new waterfall or just a short stream. 

Aquatic Plants

No pond is finished until the aquatic plants are installed. Whether you choose a water lily, water iris, or marginal plants, you will love enjoying each plant as it naturally fills in the edges of your pond.   

Auto Dosing System

Are you tired of green water? Tired of trying to remember when to add algicide? Never worry again. This will automatically add your choice of specially formulated water treatments for ponds, fountains, and water features.  

IonGen System G2

Have you ever seen string algae? Don't worry with this you never will. Spend more time relaxing next to your water feature instead of maintaining it.

Fish Caves

If you are going to have fish, you are going to need somewhere for them to hide. Fish caves are the best option to keep your fish safe from predators. 

Water Fill Valve

Never drag the garden hose out again. With this addition you will never have to worry about low water levels again.

Fake Rock or Stump

Do you have a unsightly outlet by your water feature? These outlet covers are perfect to make them blend right in with your beautiful landscape.

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Have An Existing Water Feature That Needs An Addition 

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