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What is a Recreational Swim Pond and why are they so popular?

Recreational swim ponds are the hottest new trend in the water feature industry. At Amen Corner Ponds we know why this trend is so popular and are looking forward to sharing with you the reason we believe swimming pools are not the best option for your backyard anymore.

A recreational swim pond is pretty much just what it sounds like. It is a natural ecosystem pond on a larger scale. Imagine swimming in a natural swimming pool without chemicals, without harsh chlorine on your skin, a natural feel to the surroundings and the sound of a beautiful waterfall. That is what a swimming pond offers to those who enjoy them. So let's go over a more detailed breakdown of what a recreational swim pond looks like.

This new trend in backyard swimming has much to offer, but the real magic happens in the systems we use. The simplicity of our system is working with nature instead of against it as traditional swimming pools do. A recreational swim pond uses a wetland filter and a combination of aeration, jets for water movement and an intake bay to skim the surface of debris. We use the same Ecosystem as our smaller koi ponds. There is no need for harmful chemicals as the ecosystem only requires beneficial bacteria and plants. An ecosystem ponds' water is filtered just like a natural stream or pond that has a balanced ecosystem. So the water quality is impeccable with very little maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, why would you choose to have a pool which requires 1 hour every week of maintenance when a pond can be as little as 5 minutes. The yearly maintenance of a swim pond consists of draining the wetland and thinning out the plants. Swimming pools need to be closed if not being used during the winter and reopened in the spring. Cost of operation is another thing to look at when considering your backyard swimming decision. A pool can cost roughly $650 per year in pool chemicals. On average a swim pond costs $125 per year in water treatments. So decide for yourself on which option you choose.

Now let's talk cost for a swimming pool vs. a swim pond. If you are wanting a swim pond that is roughly the same size as a pool you will pay 1/3 more for a swim pond. So your luxury pool will cost about $60,000 and your swim pond would be around $80,000. Now a liner or gunite pool needs to be relined or resurfaced to every 6 years roughly but a swim pond will last 30 years on the low end before anything needs to be done with it.

So now you can see why this new trend is becoming increasingly popular. If you have any questions about a swim pond or are interested in having your own, reach out to us HERE.

At Amen Corner Ponds we are committed to providing you with the best info for your water feature needs. Thank you for reading this blog post and feel free to check out our other blog posts and our facebook page. Thanks.

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