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Do you own a water feature that has problems? Maybe you have a leak and can't seem to find it. Or maybe you are dealing with green or brown water. Whatever the case we can help. We will go over whatever may be going on, and start fixing your problem. Our pond maintenance, repair & renovation services are designed specifically for those 

customers in the CSRA that own a pond and need assistance or advice with their existing pond. So if you have a problem don't fret, just give us a call.  

Have An Existing Pond That Needs Repair

We have services for almost any problem. check below to find out which service you need.

Leak Detection & Repair
Finding a leak in a pond can be a daunting task for someone without a great deal of experience. We know how to fix your pond leak.  We use a consistent troubleshooting methodology to narrow down the source of your leak as quickly as possible.  We start with the most likely suspects, such as leaky plumbing connections, skimmer and filter leaks, and improperly formed waterfalls.  If the leak is not found in these areas, and we've ruled everything else out – you've got a hole in your liner.  Rather than wasting your valuable time and money searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, we will replace the liner. Years of experience have shown that replacing the liner is less expensive and time consuming than trying to find a hole – which can take days or weeks.  A liner replacement is a relatively simple operation that can usually be accomplished in a single day.
Unsightly Algae
​Pond algae is unsightly to most pond owners. Finding a balanced growth of healthy algae in your Aiken area pond or water feature is really quite common. Once you have a general understanding of a few basic principles and water treatments, it can be brought under control. As long as you remember, "There is no such thing as an algae free pond", you will have a better grasp on the subject when dealing with pond cleaning in the spring or fall. 

Algae blooms occur when there is an excessive amount of nutrients in your pond or water features. Excessive nutrients definition breaks down into - " a nitrogen rich environment ".
Water Clarity Issues
Why is water clarity listed in the repair section? Because if you are not able to see the pebbles placed at the bottom of your pond, there is a good chance that some part of your pond ecosystem is not working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced.  Do you have green pond water or black pond water?  We can figure out why and repair the pond ecosystem to resolve these issues.
Pump Problems
Pump problems can be a headache. It won't work, doesn't pump enough, or you don't know what is wrong with it. Don't worry, we can help. We have dealt with almost every kind of pump out there and will be able to help you with your pump problem.

We offer many other types of repair as well.

Rebuilding any part of your water feature, fixing your biological & mechanical filters, and redesigning your waterfall, etc.

Well, now that you know what you need all you have to do is contact us.

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Have An Existing Pond That Needs Repair

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